Monday, January 31, 2011

Radio Show on Dreams

This past week I was invited to do a radio show in the US where callers could call in and ask questions. This is no doubt, one of my favourite things to do as it allows me to share dream work with so many people that I otherwise would not chat with. One caller asked me if there was a special "crystal" that she could get that would help her dream and recall her dreams better. My response was that this was not an area that I am familiar with but I would say two things.

Firstly, dreams are from the dreamer's own psyche and therefore, there is really no need to reach outside of one's own mind to work with dreams. In order to remember one's dreams a dreamer just simply has to focus on them. Once dreams are focused on in waking day then they are remembered. I often compare this to a physcial exercise program. If someone has never participated in a physical exercise program and suddenly begins to run or cycle, the muscles respond with pain. This is new for the body and it takes some time for those muscles to get into shape. The best approach is to go at it slowly and allow the muscles time to respond to your new needs; that is, I want you to get working for me!

This is similar to working with dreams. Once the psyche says "this is important and I want this information" the mind will slowly respond with more and more imagery and more and more information. The psyche will reveal intense emotions, waking day revelations and other deep layers of being. Having said that, dreamers often find the information so profound that they cannot comprehend or accept it. This is why working with dreams should be progressive and over a long period of time. Just like your muscles, you never want to over do it!

The reward for working with dreams is that the mind is revealed and waking life becomes richer and fuller with the information that is worked with. It is without a doubt, a great reward for dreamers to unearth their own treasures.

Secondly, though I know nothing of crystals, I am quite in awe of the beautiful amethyst stone that has been coined the stone of "dreams and dreaming". I do not know the origin of this but the stone itself is a deep beautiful purple and is mined in Northern Ontario, Canada. For that reason alone, I think it's fun to own an amethyst or two.