Monday, March 28, 2011

Ava's Dream...

Ava Clark is a 7 year old girl living in Toronto, Canada and had a wonderful dream of publishing her own book. Ava loves to write so she put her passion to work on writing and self-publishing her first book called "Nageeta the NARWHAL".

The book is a delightful story of whales who have great adventures and relationships throughout the book. The 19 page book is beautifully illustrated and guides readers through what could be, the day in the life of a narwhal, as told by a young girl. Many lessons are learned about honesty, love, and friendship through the eyes of narwhals. It is a great testament to life and to passion, that a 7 year old girl can teach us so much through her writing.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who likes to learn through stories and also likes to hold the dreams of others. Not to mention, Ava is my granddaughter!

Ava and I are now co-authoring a new book that will take readers through many more adventures through the lives of animal characters. For information on Nageeta the NARWHAL please email me directly at Stay tuned for our new book as we will post on this blog when it is launched.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Book Presentation in Tuscany

My colleagues Drs. Donati, Tallarico, Falciai and Pini presented the dream book La Bussola dei Sogni (by Teresa L. Decicco, Francoangeli, publisher) in Tuscany, Italy this past week. It is a great pleasure to be sharing this work with these colleagues but more importantly, the significance of dreams and sharing this information is making its way around the world. This area of research is the new frontier of science, being the dreaming mind. The research has revealed that dreams are meaningful, they relate directly to the dreamer's waking life, they are a mechanism of problem-solving, they are an emotional regulation system, and they provide profound meaning to the dreamer. Dream research is occurring in Germany, Italy, Australia, Finland, The Netherlands, Canada, USA, and many, many other countries. It is my hope that we as dream researchers will continue to share this work with each other and the general public.