Monday, November 1, 2010

Launch of New Dream Book in Italy.....

I am here in Italy for the launch of my new dream book. The book has been published by FrancoAngeli and has been very well received since my arrival here. Below is a beautiful photo collage created by Sabine Korth, who created it after the Piombino presentation in the Piombino Castle.

Sharing my work has been very exciting here as I am beginning to understand that in Italy, the study of dreams as a science has not yet been shared with the general public. Authors and researchers of dreams seem to publish in English and as a result, the science of dreaming is new and rare here. For this reason, I am happy to be collaborating with Drs. Donati, Pini, Falicai, and Barcaro with my book. As a team, we hope to share the global dream research with Italy and to continue our own pursuit of the science of dreams and consciousness.