Friday, February 13, 2009

Black Wedding Gown!

A dream workshop participant tells me that 25 years previously, she had a dream on the night before her wedding. She dreams that she is about to walk down the isle to get married and suddenly her wedding gown turns black. Upon waking, she feels this is a warning dream and tells her father about it. Her father reassures her that it is "just a dream" and that she is having wedding nerves. Sadly, the marriage is very unhappy and painful for her, for 22 years.

How can we really know if a dream is a warning dream or not? Dream interpretation with a method that links dream imagery to waking life is the best source of information. These methods consolidate the emotions, memories and life experiences of the dreamer in dreams to waking life information. By doing systematic dream interpretation then the guess work is taken out of dreaming and it is no long...just a dream.


  1. Anch'io prima del matrimonio ho sognato un vestito da sposa nero e ho poi avuto molte conflittualità con lòa figlia di mio marito.
    Il sogno mi avvertiva , ma cosa potevo fare ?

  2. Perhaps this dream was accessing your deep inner feelings-did you suspect that there would be challenges in the future? Were you ignoring signs that perhaps you would find difficulties? I would think that dream interpretation would help to make current day decisions around any issues you may still have. I find that problem-solving with dreams is one of the main features of this level of consciousness. If you still have challenges then dreams can certainly help to find new solutions.

  3. Sono d'accordo. Questo sogno credo sia stato l'accesso ai miei sentimenti interiori e la previsione - preparazione a ciò che stava accadendo : la rottura inevitabile del rapporto emotivo ( ho sognato anche un tulipano nero portato dalla corrente del mare). Forse avevo ignorato certi segnali ( o forse mio marito , per amore della figlia , mi ha aiutato ad ignorarli ) .
    Se avesse fatto questo sogno una persona che seguo l'avrei aiutata ad aspettarsi certe conflittualità .
    Ma per essere più difesi occorre un "altro che curi e comprenda" ( un terapeuta , forse un amico....). Da soli non credo si possa.

  4. The black dress, the black tulip-all very strong imagery alerting the pscyhe that something needs attention in waking day. It seems in clinical work (and with our own dreams) that our deep inner life is revealed to us while dreaming, if we are willing to listen. The greatest challenges seem to be: 1) paying attention to the imagery, 2) making the link to waking day and then, 3) making waking day adjustments. Even if one hears the message from the dream imagery, this does not guarantee that waking day adjustments can or will be made. Is this not one of the greatest challenges in self-discovery and self-change?