Thursday, March 19, 2009

Putting Dream Work Into Practice II

Since designing and using The Storytelling Method (DeCicco, 2006) in practice and in groups, the method was translated into Italian (DeCicco & Donati, 2008), Spanish (DeCicco & Gallo, 2009) and is now being translated into French. The method proved valuable since people were able to find meaning in their dreams quickly and easily. Also, their early success led them to want to do more. Once they were comfortable with the new world of dream interpretation, I then moved them into a deeper level of interpretation which was accessing their emotions.

The 2A Method was designed which is based on association from dream images and amplification as well. Emotions are then specifically accessed from this process. A worksheet is used which makes the method easy to follow and to teach. Participants generally find that they have to work harder with this method since it is longer and a little more demanding. Results from testing show that, like The Storytelling Method, people find discovery about 80% of the time. Discovery links the dream images to waking life events and to the emotions associated with those events. Also, discovery from the method was significantly different than the control group.

The 2A Method appears to be a useful second step in a dream interpretation practice. It slowly guides the dreamer to a deeper level of meaning while not being so demanding that participants will not engage in the process. It is user-friendly, effective and a great way for dream workshop leaders and clinicians to guide dreamers yet further into the process of self-discovery.


  1. Puoi descrivere meglio questo strumento di lavoro sul sogno?

  2. The Projective Method is a group sharing method similar to others that have been designed for therapy. This method differs from the others in that it is simplified, can be used outside of formal therapy sessions, and has been tested with control groups. The groups shares by using a specific protocol and discovery is found through the projections of others. The method has been found to be useful by both dreamers and therapists alike.