Friday, April 10, 2009

The Mysterious Meaning of Life

In speaking with a woman earlier this week about her dreams, she reported that her dreams contained themes of being lost, looking for something she had lost, or searching for some unknown object. In discussions with her around these themes, she decided to use dream interpretation techniques to try and get some insight. She was particularly perplexed by the dreams since they were recurring and confusing to her.

What she discovered from the dreams was that they were telling her exactly how she was feeling and behaving in her waking day life, but she was completely unaware of it. She had no idea how she was constantly searching for waking day events to give her a deeper and more meaningful life. She had spent many years seeking higher education, she changed jobs many times, she looked for work that was particularly difficult and challenging-all in the hope of finding a deeper and more substantial way to live her life. In spite of these things, she still felt empty and unfulfilled.

I encouraged her to continue with the dream interpretation practice and we could keep discussing her discoveries. Of course the deepest meaning to one's life cannot be found outside the self, but rather, in a connection with one's own inner world. As she continued to explore her dreams and make meaning from them she began to see that she was searching externally for something that was internal, and her dreams could help her with her quest.

This is one case study that illustrates how dreams can help with the deeper issues of meaning and human existence. When the psyche is ready to ask the questions regarding one's own existence and to search for the ever-pervasive meaning of life, dream interpretation can be one of the best gateways into this mystery.

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