Thursday, May 28, 2009

5 Reasons To Practice (and Teach) Dream Interpretation: Reason 1

Research and practice have given us many concrete reasons to implement personal dream interpretation programs, and, to teach these in our practices. The first important reason is that dream interpretation can aid in the process of exploring emotions. The inner world of emotions can often be confusing and bewildering. Emotional lives can be embedded with layers and layers of complex emotional elements. For example, one can be very angry at someone and yet very drawn to that person as well. One can suddenly feel sad and anxious without knowing how or why this is occurring. Similarly, layers of guilt, sadness, relief and excitement can all exist at the same time. Disentangling emotions is often a difficult process and this is where dream interpretation can be of great benefit. Once the underlying emotions are teased-out and recognized then appropriate action can be taken in waking day. This action will then be based on a more conscious experience than mere reaction. Dream interpretation programs, especially those that involve more than one technique, can help reveal the layers of emotions playing into a waking day issue.

A woman recently began dream interpretation as part of her therapy program since she was experiencing disturbing, negative imagery. She was recently diagnosed with kidney problems and entered therapy because she wanted to have a more balanced mind-body approach to her heath. With her first interpretation technique she discovered that her recent health issues were triggering pain and guilt for having given her infant daughter up for adoption 30 years previous. These feelings were buried deep in her unconscious mind and were only recently coming to the surface while sleeping. With further exploration she was able to tap into the feelings of unworthiness, which was paired with feeling she had no right to recover from her health problems. She began to explore these complex, entwined emotions consciously with dream interpretation. Still further, she was able to come to terms with her remorse, sadness, and acceptance of her life decisions, and where they had taken her.

Dream interpretation is a courageous practice of self-discovery and especially, of the complex emotions that contribute to the human experience. Though it can be difficult, dream work can enrich one's life and contribute to a more conscious, emotional experience of life.

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