Monday, July 6, 2009

The International Association for The Study of Dreams-Chicago 2009

As a newly elected memeber of the IASD board I want to thank everyone who voted for me. This position is promising to be very interesting and challenging but most importantly, it is a position where I can give back to a community that has helped me in my work. The International Association for the Study of Dreams is an organization that allows researchers and clinical practitioners from all over the world, a forum to share their work.
IASD is foremost, a platform which allows the scientific investigation of dream consciousness. It is through this process that we as researchers will then share our knowledge with the non-scientific community in the world. Without scientific vigour, we are simply espousing our opinions and as intersting as those may be, they will not bring the realm of dreaming consciousness into global acceptance. Researchers from Germany, Italy, the UK, The United Arab Emerits, and other corners of the globe recently discussed and collaborated this frontier of science in Chicago (June/July 2009).
IASD has a second important factor and that is a place for therapists and applied practitioners to take the knowledge of dream therapy to help others. The value of dream therapy is known to those who work in the field but this work has yet to be incorporated in a fully intergrated manner. The applied work that occurs at IASD is the education element that is so important for application. Of course scientifically testing dream therapy methods makes them even more valuable. Just as new drugs are tested with control designs are new dream therapies tested with similar rigours methods. IASD is a place for professionals and dream-enthusiasts to learn, share, and collaborate on a vital part of the human experience; the dreaming mind.


  1. Teresa, congratulations!
    I'm sure that you will help the all of us, who are fond of research, scholarship and study in the vaste ocean of dreaming mind, to feel and act as a real community.
    In Italy, when we are facing a challenging adventure, we use to say "in bocca al lupo!"
    So, in bocca al lupo, Teresa!

  2. Thank you Massimo!! My greatest hope is that our work with dreams will become a common practice for many people. We will then be a "real community".

  3. Condivido quello che scrive Massimo .
    Sarai di grande aiuto per uno studio come quello sui sogni che ha bisogno di fare passi avanti , essere considerato con rispetto dalla comunità scientifica ( medica soprattutto) che non ne tiene sufficientemente di conto

  4. Grazie Donatella. It is my greatest hope that we as researchers and applied practitioners will work together to create a community that will build dream work. The more people and talent we have, the better it will be for all of us :)

  5. E' verissimo..
    Mio marito aveva un negozio di antiquariato e mi diceva che si vendeva di più nelle zone nelle quali erano più numerosi gli antiquari competenti...!!!