Friday, November 13, 2009

Dreaming of Vampires

I recently became aware of the fact that a book series based on vampires (e.g. Twilight) has become a world-popular phenomenon. The books have caputured the minds and imaginations of millions and have been made into even more popular movies. What captured me was the fact that the books were inspired by a vivid dream. The author of the books found herself dreaming of a vivid story that involved a young girl and a vampire. She awoke and began writing what would become the great stories that would captivate millions.

This is yet another wonderful example of how dreams can fuel creativity. Just as many writers, painters and song writers have discovered for themselves, dreams can carry the energy of creativity. When this occurs, it is up to the dreamer to recognize the inspiration and then act on it in waking day. Just as the author of the Twilight series did the work of writing her books, all dream-inspired work must be carried through in waking day. The painter must show up at the canvas. The writer must show up at the keyboard. The song writer must show up at the instrument. The best part of this entire creative process is that the ideas and the energy to fuel them will show up in dream time.

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  1. Proprio oggi a Volterra e a Montepulciano ( Siena , Toscana, Italy) si tiene questa grande festa-evento mediatico per l’uscita italiana di questo nuovo film sui vampiri , “ New Moon”, girato , oltreché in Canada , nei vicoli di Montepulciano , che così tanto rispecchiano i nostri aspetti più misteriosi , così presenti nei nostri sogni …

    Mi auguro che i nostri Centri Storici , molto antichi , ( dove io abito) ci avvicinino al linguaggio dell’inconscio.
    Sono stati fatti studi in cui si confrontano le immagini di sogno delle persone a seconda del luogo fisico in cui sono ?