Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy New Year!

2010 offers a new year of dreaming. With every new year comes the opportunity to set intentions and create new pathways for one's life. Though most people set intentions to lose weight, find a new job, find a life partner, etc. few set the intention to be more conscious of their dreams and to pay attention to their meaning. I would like to suggest a few intentions that may be set for 2010 in terms of dreaming:

1. Get a new dream journal and commit to writing them down for the year.

2. Learn 2 new dream interpretation techniques and use them throughout the year.

3. Make the commitment to bring dream discovery into waking life.

4. Join a local dream group.

5. Attend a dream workshop and ask a friend to join as well.

6.Google the website for the International Association for The Study of Dreams and get involved with the organization in some way.

7. Introduce others to dream work so they can benefit from it.

These are just suggestions that may get people thinking about adding dreams to their new year intentions. Along with weight loss, new partners and new jobs, of course!