Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Return after a long delay.......

I am back on my blog after a delay of several months. The reason I have been away is that I have been writing, writing, and writing which makes coming to the blog that much harder. I have submitted several research articles which I believe are important for dream research. One is an article on the dreams of women with breast cancer, another is an article that has been accepted for publication for April/2010, which is the relationship among dreams and waking day infidelity. I am also working on an article comparing the dreams and discovery of Italians and Canadians-both students and therapy participants. Other interesting work has included collaborations with colleagues in the United Arab Emerits examining religious/spiritual content in dreams between UAM and Canadians.

The research has continued to flourish over the past months in preparation for the IASD conference in July. Here I will be presenting research with my colleagues on dreams and anxiety, dreams and relationships, dreams across cultures...and others. The research field is growing and I have had the pleasure of working with several teams around the world in preparation for IASD.

So, I have not been at my blog because of my writing in other areas. I feel ready to come back to it now to share the new and exciting findings that are coming up for dream work.