Thursday, July 1, 2010

IASD Conference 2010

Dreamers, researchers, clinicians and workshop leaders are here in North Carolina for the 2010 conference. This conference hosted by The International Association for the Study of Dreams is a venue for sharing our work on the Study and practice of dream therapy. So far this conference has proven to be one of the best in the many years I have been attending.

Dream research is a fast growing field which has innovation and sound research practice. The field has gone through it's growing pains but is now on solid ground with established methodology and scientific practice. The publications and presentations are building the knowledge of dreams with a strong scientific community.

The application of dream therapy and techniques continues to grow as more practitioners become educated in the field. There is the emergence of scientifically tested techniques that are allowing practitioners to use dream therapy with comfort; knowing they work and they are reliable.

An interesting growth is seen in the Art created by dreaming. This conference has provided the public with a vast array of beautiful dream-inspired art. This work allows dreams to be shared at a personal and rich level; insight, felt-sense, and connection with the inner world are the result.

As a result, IASD continues to grow at the levels of science, humanity, art, and clinical applications. Dreams and their rich source of information are coming into their own and sharing this work internationally is helping the evolution of this profound human dimension to evolve.

IASD 2011 conference will be hosted in Rolduc, The Netherlands. See