Monday, November 1, 2010

Launch of New Dream Book in Italy.....

I am here in Italy for the launch of my new dream book. The book has been published by FrancoAngeli and has been very well received since my arrival here. Below is a beautiful photo collage created by Sabine Korth, who created it after the Piombino presentation in the Piombino Castle.

Sharing my work has been very exciting here as I am beginning to understand that in Italy, the study of dreams as a science has not yet been shared with the general public. Authors and researchers of dreams seem to publish in English and as a result, the science of dreaming is new and rare here. For this reason, I am happy to be collaborating with Drs. Donati, Pini, Falicai, and Barcaro with my book. As a team, we hope to share the global dream research with Italy and to continue our own pursuit of the science of dreams and consciousness.


  1. great news! congrats on your new book and your work with expanding the science of dreaming...

  2. Thank you Ryan. Interestingly, Italian scientists and writers of dreams publish mainly in English so it is interesting to share this work with Italians in general.

  3. I am very glad that you "crossed my way " here in Italy. It'a been some time that I follow the science of dreams, as you say in English and German language...your book will be very helpful for my work with Dreamgroups which exchange dreams. We use the collage technique to rappresent aspects of dreams and look at them from a "different angle"...
    Good to see you tomorrow again!

  4. It was a pleasure to meet you in Italy Sabine. I look forward to keeping in touch and possibly seeing you at an International Association for The Study of Dreams Conference.