Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Living Beyond the Five Senses with Dreams: The 90 Day Test

My recently published book "Living Beyond the Five Senses: The Emergence of a Spiritual Being" (Divine Arts) discusses dreams in a new light. Chapter 11 covers the concept that dreams provide information that connect the mind and body to a life that can be lived beyond what we see, know and feel. A large body of research has certainly brought the dreaming mind and sleep mentation (dreaming) into new light. Research on nightmares, precognition, dream content, illness, and problem solving are just a few areas of dreams that have come forth in recent years. However, the best way to test one's own dream content is to follow the dreams and see what relevant information they provide to waking life. The benefit of dream information is that it's personal and can be put to the test by each and every dreamer. If information about waking day arises in dreams, it can then be followed in waking day over a period of time, to test whether it's in fact relevant or not. For example, if dream imagery around illness arises it can be followed through in waking day events to see what transpires. The dreamer becomes the expert on his or her own dreaming life. The proof is either there or it is not, and the dreamer decides for him or herself. I suggest giving a test run of 90 days in order to see how dreams and dream imagery manifest themselves. Like muscles that are not used much in a sedentary life, dream images also need to be worked in order to get results. 90 days should do it and it takes only one dream to connect to waking life in a dramatic way to see if dreams really are meaningful or not. Only the dreamer can be the judge of that.

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